Tony Poindexter

Tony Poindexter in front- center with cowboy hat and dobro. This was the Father Along CD cover.

Tony Poindexter (dobro) was a resident of Winston-Salem. When he saw Eric Clapton play a dobro on MTV he was hooked. Tony fell in love with that unique sound and twang of the dobro. Starting his search, he found a squarenecked dobro at a pawn shop, bought it, and started taking lessons from Richard. What he didn't know was that this style dobro lent itself to the bluegrass style of music. But, since he already had the instrument he decided to take bluegrass lessons. Later, he became one of the first of Messengers and played from 1995 until around 2003.

When he played with the Messengers Tony was a teacher with the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School system where he taught in the Hospital/Homebound Education Center. An active Assistant Scoutmaster, Tony had been involved with troop 919 of Pfafftown for 20 years and loved every minute of it. He also attended Robinhood Road Baptist Church.