Biographies of the Bluegrass Messengers

In 1995 Richard Matteson (guitar), Alan Kirby (banjo) and Tony Poindexter (dobro) began playing out at coffee shops and for private parties. By 1998 Melissa Dodson (mandolin) and occasionally guitarist Edward Dalton would perform with the group. Brooke Gywn, a talented guitarist and singer also played and sang. All initially were students of Richard Matteson. 

On the left margin is a list of various performers that have played with the Bluegrass Messengers. Some of the perfomers only played briefly or were guest performers like Doc Watson, who played with the Messengers three times.

There are some outstanding talents that have played over the years: Richard L. Matteson Jr. (guitar) Edward Dalton (guitar);  Rex McGee (banjo); Rebecca Stevens (fiddle) Jeff Matteson (harmonica); Debbie Gitlan (fiddle); Martha Basset (vocals); Ted Lyons (mandolin) Justin Swaim (banjo) Wayne Hauser (banjo) and Daniel Habib (bass).

Currently the Messengers are reorganizing in Louisville KY where Richard Matteson moved in 2008.